XPG Spectrix D80 32GB (2X16GB) DDR4 3200

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Meet the world’s first DDR4 RGB RAM memory with a hybrid liquid-air cooling system, the SPECTRIX D80. It utilizes a combination of a liquid heatsink that’s hermetically sealed with non-conductive fluid and an aluminum heatsink to deliver effective thermal cooling. What’s more, the liquid heatsink is illuminated with RGB lighting to give your rig a distinctive flair. The SPECTRIX D80 features a liquid heatsink on its top side that benefits from a non-conductive fluid with a low boiling point to dissipate heat effectively. And thanks to its RGB lighting, the liquid heatsink isn’t just functional; it’ll visually captivate and be the centerpiece of your rig.

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16GB x 2

36 Month Warranty


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