Skunkworx Ultimate Racing

$9,999.95 incl GST

Step in to the world of VR Racing with the Skunkworx ultimate racing setup. No matter if you are a seasoned pro or you are stepping in to VR racing for the first time this system has everything you will ever need to be ahead of the pack. Powered by a 9700k and a 2080Ti which are both water cooled it was built from the ground up for 4k gaming all packed in a SFF case from Corsair. But the high end hardware doesn’t stop there, you get a HTC Vive-Pro, a force feedback Logitech wheel, pedals and gearstick, a ASUS 34″ curved display all put together on the on the amazing GT Ultimate racing cockpit. Use the setup the real world pros use to practice and learn tracks. No matter where you live in NZ one of our Tech’s will travel with your setup to setup and calibrate your racing setup in your home, office or man cave at no charge. Get ready for the true Ultimate driving experience.

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Water cooled 9700k and 2080Ti
HTC Vive-Pro
GT Ultimate racing cockpit
Logitech force feedback Wheel
Logitech Shifter
Logitech Pedals ( 3 )
Acer Predator X34P 34″ Curve IPS LED Nvidia G-Sync Gaming Monitor 3440X1440
Corsair Gaming K55 Keyboard + Harpoon Mouse RGB Combo
3 Year Warranty on all parts
Free installation anywhere in NZ
Free servicing once a year anywhere in NZ


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