Silverstone LSB02 Addressable RGB control box with remote

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SilverStone created the LSB02, a multifunction Addressable RGB control box with remote. It is capable of controlling Addressable RGB LEDs and numerous functions such as fan speed control, temperature detection control, and remotely turning on / off PC. For enthusiasts seeking a solution that can handle thermal and aesthetics controls, the LSB02 is an excellent choice.

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Material Plastic outer shell
Included Parts Standard Addressable RGB 3pin cable x 6
Peripheral power Y cable x 1
RF remote x 1
Thermal sensor cable x 1
Power switch cable x 1
Signal output SilverStone Addressable RGB 3pin port x 6 ***
Fan 4pin port x 4 (compatible with 3pin)
Output limitation (each port) Addressable RGB port: 72 LED per port, total 5V, 5A
Fan Port : total 12V, 3A
Color Selection Support 2812 IC Addressable RGB LED
Net weight 72g
Dimension 65mm (W) x 23mm (H) x 109mm (D)
2.56″ (W) x 0.91″ (H) x 4.29″ (D)

12 Month Warranty


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