Thermaltake Pacific RL280 Radiator

$119.95 incl GST

The Thermaltake Pacific RL Series introduces high-quality radiators to deliver outstanding water cooling performance for the enthusiast’s PC. Manufactured from high-quality German zinc alloy aluminum and aerospace-grade materials, configurations of 140mm, 280mm, 420mm, and 560mm are available to provide exceptional performance. Integrated G1/4″ threads make it easy to install, while rigid connections ensure leak-resistant measures are in place. With an ideal mounting, fitting and flow set-up, the Thermaltake Pacific RL Series meets your cooling needs in every way.

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Dimension: 322.5 (L) x 140 (W) x 56 (H)
Weight: 735 g
Material: Anti-Corrosion
Aluminum: Alloy
FPI (Fin per inch):13
Flat Tube:13 set
Screw Thread:G 1/4 * 5
Parts: Stopper *3 (G 1/4)


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